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Request more information below or check out our current schedule of classes here. Dance classes start August 20th. All Tumbling classes start September 3rd.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions, but let's see if we can answer some here.

We get this question A LOT. The best answer we can give is to try one of everything until your dancer finds what they like best. We suggest trying a technique class (Twinkle Stars/ShowStars/etc.) first since they will get a basic foundation in dance through this class.

You're welcome to try a class for one week FOR FREE. Please contact our office to see if this option is available for the class you are interested in.

We ask that your dancer come to class in clothes they can move in and something their teacher's can see their lines in. This year we are offering class specific dancewear. Although classwear is not required this year, we hope to make this a studio-wide uniform.

Find your class here.

Our recreation classes (non competitive classes) will perform in the Christmas show in December and again in the Spring show in May. Dancers are given more information as we approach these performances.

30 minute dance classes: $40/month*
60 minute dance classes: $50/month*
All tumbling classes: $50/month*
Intro to competition: $25/month**
Add an additional class (hip hop, ballroom, etc.): $15/month*
Competitionn classes range: $95 - $135/month**

*Registration fee and/or costume fee may apply
**Registration fee, costume fee, and competition fees may apply